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5 Most Amazing Facts About the Human Body

Hey Guys, Welcome to Factsminister. Today we will show you five amazing facts about the human body.

When most people think about the human body, they think about the physical aspects, but that’s not all that makes us what we are. There are quite a few facts about our bodies that might surprise you, and you’ll learn more about them as you read through this article. We hope you enjoy learning some amazing facts about the human body and hope you pass on these interesting facts to your friends and family!

1) Our Ears and Nose never stop growing

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

One of the interesting facts about our human body is that our ears and nose never stop growing. All of our body parts are in a constant state of regeneration and reconstruction. Old cells die off all day long, but new ones are constantly forming to replace them, which is why we can always grow taller (or shorter). Our skin is also a living tissue that heals when cut or injured. We shed around 1 million dead skin cells every minute!

2) The small intestine is roughly 23 feet long

This is one of the interesting facts about our human body you probably didn’t know.

The average length of the small intestine in an adult human male is 6.9 metres which is approx 22 feet and 6 inches whereas the small intestine in a female is 7.1m approx ( 23 feet)

3) The human eye is about 576 megapixels.

It’s called a megapixel, and it’s a standard unit of measurement used to describe digital cameras and video capture devices. For example, you might see something described as having 12 megapixels, which would mean that you could zoom in on an image to its tiniest details—and still be able to see everything. Put another way: The human eye is about 576 megapixels. We don’t have a hard time picking out objects or seeing fine details—but it gives you some idea of just how powerful our eyes are.

4) The human body contains enough DNA to stretch from Earth to Pluto and Back Again (Twice!)

The human body contains as much DNA as 40 trillion humans cells combined. Considering that DNA is relatively tiny, and there are tons of cells in our bodies (roughly 37 trillion to be exact), that’s a lot of DNA! On top of that, we have two copies for each chromosome instead of one. Altogether, it comes out to around 6.4 pounds worth of DNA from just one person. When you consider how many people live on Earth—approximately 7 billion at last count—it’s no wonder that we all contain so much genetic material. There are more than ten times as many bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your entire body: The human heart contains roughly 100 trillion microbial cells—about ten times more bacterial cells than actual human cells!

5) One-quarter of our bones are in our feet.

You probably already knew that bones constitute a significant part of our body. But, you may not have realized just how many there are! An interesting fact about our human body is that there are 206 bones, including 80 in your feet. There’s more to those balls of calcium than meets the eye, though; foot bones help us balance and walk properly. They also act as shock absorbers when we run or jump. 

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