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5 Most Famous Waterfalls in India

Hey Guys, Welcome to Factsminister. Today we will show you the top five most famous waterfalls in India.

A waterfall is any place where water flows over the edge of a vertical drop or cliff into a body of water below. They can be natural (having no human-made structure involved) or man-made (the result of industrial activity, usually in the form of dams). India has several notable waterfalls both natural and man-made; here are five of the most famous waterfalls in India.

Dudhsagar Falls

Waterfalls in India

Located on Mandovi River, Dudhsagar Falls is one of Goa’s most celebrated tourist attractions. Best visited between October and March, Dudhsagar Falls boasts lush greenery and fresh air that draws thousands of tourists each year. They say a walk under these falls can cure any ailment! Whether you believe it or not, there’s no denying that they have an incredible soothing effect. If you wish to take a dip under them, be careful though—you may never want to leave!

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is formed by the River Varahi and is located near Masthikatte-Hulikal on the Shimoga-Udupi border in Karnataka. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 455 metres onto these rough boulders, creating a spectacular picture. The Kunchikal waterfalls are India’s highest and rank 116th in the world in terms of height.One of the best waterfalls in India.

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Nohkalikai Falls

Waterfalls in India

Located near Cherrapunji, Nohkalikai Falls is one of The Seven Wonders of Northeast India. The falls are beautiful and serene, surrounded by thick forests and scenic landscapes. It’s easy to see why Nohkalikai Falls was chosen as one of Seven Wonders of Northeast India. Also known as Nohkalikai Falls or simply Nohkalikai, these waterfalls are located at an elevation of 872 meters (2,835 feet) above sea level. It is located on the East Khasi Hills plateau in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state. However, you can’t get close to it because it’s located inside a forest reserve area and well protected by Meghalaya Forest Department.

Jog Falls

Waterfalls in India

The highest waterfall in India is Jog Fall, which is located in the southern state of Karnataka. It stands at an elevation of 830 feet and is situated on the Sharavati River. The waterfalls are divided by four separate cascades: Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket. Mahatma Gandhi is the name of a hydroelectric power generating station.

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Kempty Falls 

Waterfalls in India

Kempty Falls, a massive waterfall with leaping streams before striking the bottom, is the most popular and oldest tourist attraction near Mussoorie. It is at a height of 4500 feet surrounding the beautiful valleys of  Mussoorie. Kempty Falls, a wonderful picnic location or a perfect day out spot nearby Mussoorie at a distance of 15 miles, was created by a British man more than 150 years ago.

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