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Agnipath Recruitment Scheme for Indian Army: Read all Details

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

The Agneepath Recruitment Scheme for Defense Forces was announced by the Central Government on Tuesday. Youths will only be recruited for four years under this plan. The ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme,’ unveiled by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, is a substantial overhaul in the Army’s recruitment process. Youth would be recruited into the army for four years under the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme, according to Rajnath Singh. They will also receive a service fund payout when they leave employment.

The Army Presentation – Agnipath Scheme 

The young person enlisting in the army will be referred to as Agniveer under this plan. This strategy was just presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the heads of the three services. Youth will be able to join the army for a brief period of time under this plan. Under this, young people can enlist in the army for four years and serve their country.

Defense Minister on Agnipath Scheme 

In the presence of Army Chief General Manoj Pandey, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary, and Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh declared that the Agneepath initiative intends to maintain the usefulness of military service. Additionally, the youth’s level of fitness and health will increase as a result. This programme will offer jobs across a range of industries. In doing so, the GDP will increase.

Salary and Compensation under Agnipath Scheme 

Youth would receive a package of 4.76 lakh rupees per year for the first year under the Agneepath scheme. It will rise to 6.92 lakh by the fourth year. Other risk and hardship allowances will be offered in addition to this. A service fund of Rs 11.7 lakh would be awarded to the young person after four years of service. This won’t be subject to tax.

If an Agniveer dies while serving the nation, his or her family will get an amount totaling more than Rs 1 crore, including service funds and interest. In addition, the pay for the remaining task will be given. Agniveer will also receive up to Rs 44 lakh if he becomes incapacitated at the same period.

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