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Agneepath Scheme Controversy: Protests by Students in Several Parts of Bihar

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

The criticism of the Agneepath system for army recruiting has grown since the national government announced it. Youth protesters have taken to the streets in Jehanabad and Nawada, both in Bihar, for the second straight day. The students chanted anti-Modi chants and made train blocking related threats. According to reports, the students have reportedly stopped trains at numerous locations out of rage. In addition, tyres have been burned on the roadway in numerous locations, disrupting the traffic flow.

Protesters Reason Behind Agitation 

The demonstrators demand that the recruitment process be carried out as previously, the Tour of Duty (TOD) be cancelled, and the exam be administered as before. Nobody will enlist in the army for only four years. However, a protester in Jehanabad asked, “Where would we go after working for only four years?” After four years of service, we will be homeless. We blocked the highways for this reason so that the nation’s authorities would be aware that people are not happy with their decisions. Another protester said that we are putting a lot of effort into joining the military but this scheme is affecting us at the same time.

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The Fear of Agniveer Aspirants 

The new system has been introduced in place of the existing open recruitment process. In addition to general services, there are currently vacancies in positions such as clerks, shopkeepers, craftsmen, and nursing assistants. The  earlier selected young people will serve in the army for about 17.5 years. In addition, the pension will be paid even after the service ends. Currently after this scheme these positions have only been filled for four years. These Agniveers do not receive a pension. After the service ends, Agniveer will only receive a lump sum payment.

Government of India – Statement 

The military and other government positions will give preference to the jawans who will be discharged from service. Agniveer, who has served for four years, will be given precedence in the upcoming positions in numerous state and federal ministries, the defence minister stated during the press conference. Such declarations have begun to come from the states as well after the Defense Minister’s announcement. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, declared that Agniveer jawans will be given preference in hiring for the Madhya Pradesh Police.

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