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Ashleigh Barty Announces Shocking Retirement at just 25

Ashleigh Barty, the world number one in women’s tennis, has declared her retirement. Players retire all the time, and it’s generally no big deal. Ashley’s circumstance, however, is unusual in that she is only 25 years old. Not only that, but in the moment in which she is at the top, even those who confront her are not widely visible. After Serena Williams’ supremacy, Ashley was anticipated to continue at the top for a long period.

For 117 weeks, she held the top spot in the women’s world rankings. At the moment, world no.2 Inga Svitek is a long way behind Barty in the rankings. And it doesn’t appear that anyone will be able to challenge her in the next few years. With all of this in mind, Ashley’s decision is indeed shocking to the entire tennis community.

Ashleigh Barty Emotional Video on Retirement

“It’s a very tough choice, and I never could get here,” an emotional Barty told former doubles partner Casey DeLucca in a clip uploaded by her social media in account. “But I’m so happy, and I’m ready for it.” I have the physical strength, the emotional urge, and nothing to challenge myself at the top level.”

Ashleigh Barty Life Story 

Ashleigh Barty was born in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, on April 24, 1996. Robert Barty, her father, is a librarian at the Queensland State Library. Jozy Barty is her mother’s name, and she works as a radiographer. Sarah and Ellie are Ashley’s older sisters. Ashley has loved tennis since she was a child. Barty used to practice netball as a kid, but she switched to tennis later.

Ashleigh Barty Tennis Career 

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In singles and doubles tournaments, Ashleigh Barty was positioned second in the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Ashley began competing in low-level events on the ITF Junior Circuit when she was 13 years old, and she won her first Grade 4 Australian International championship when she was 14 years old. Ashley competed in her maiden junior Grand Slam event at the 2011 Australian Open, where she was defeated by Lauren Davis in her first encounter. At the age of 15, Ashley won her first and only Junior Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.

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At the Malaysian Open in 2013, Ashley won her first two WTA Tour-level matches. The Grand Slam was Barty’s only other Tour-level singles victory in 2013. She received a main draw wildcard at both the French and US Opens, where she won both of her first round matches. Ashley went on to win a number of more matches that year. Ashley made the quarterfinals of both the French Open and Wimbledon in 2014. Later she explored her career in playing the cricket Match.

Return of Barty to Tennis 

Ashleigh Barty had to wait almost a year to return to tennis after a year away from the sport. Ashley was making a comeback to tennis after a two-year hiatus. She made it to the final of the women’s singles at the French Open in 2017, and by the end of the year, she had broken into the top 20 in both singles and doubles. Following that, she won the Wimbledon women’s doubles title in 2018. Her interest in singles competitions reached new heights after she won the Wimbledon doubles title.

The Grand Slam Winner who also played cricket

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At the Australian Open in 2019, Ashleigh Barty beat three of the top 15 players in the world, including Simona Halep. After ten years, Barty became the first Australian woman to reach the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in women’s singles. Ashley became the first woman to win a Grand Slam title. She became the first Australian woman to win the French Open women’s singles title since Margaret Court. Barty also became the world’s number one female player a few days after this victory.

The Grand Slam Queen also won the Wimbledon trophy in the year 2021.

Life has been a complete mixture for her from Quitting cricket to playing Tennis and winning Grand Slam. Today with her retirement at a very young age marks the end of an era.

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