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Bharat Bandh 2022: Minority Communities Demand caste based census

Today on Wednesday, May 25, the All India Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation, or BAMCEF, has called for a Bharat Bandh. BAMCEF wants the Indian government to conduct a caste-based census in order to identify the country’s population of Other Backward Classes, or OBCs.

Major Demands of Bharat Bandh 

  • Other Backward Classes (OBCs) Census based on Caste
  • Electronic voting machines should not be used in elections.
  • SC/ST/OBC reservations in the private sector
  • Stop the NRC/CAA and NPRC processes.
  • Vaccination should not be compulsory.
  • A law should be introduced to guarantee MSP to farmers.
  • The old pension plan should be reinstated.
  • In states like Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, a separate electorate should be created for the issue of OBC reservation in Panchayat elections.

Government refuses caste based census ; BAMCEF demands reservation in private sector

The Indian government has declined to conduct a caste census. The Saharanpur district president of the Bahujan Mukti Party, Neeraj Dhiman, claimed that the BAMCEF is also asking for a Bharat Bandh due to the lack of reservation in the private sector for those belonging to the SC/ST and OBC categories. There are additional difficulties such as banning the use of Electronic Voting Machines in elections, as requested by BAMCEF.

No Major Effect of Bharat Bandh 

When it comes to the impact of the Bharat Bandh, it has the potential to disrupt public transportation, markets, and people’s day to day activities. The May 25 Bharat Bandh is unlikely to have a statewide impact, but it may have an impact in some districts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Bharat Bandh organisers have appealed to retailers to keep their stores closed on Wednesday, May 25 through social media.

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