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Boris Johnson Visit to India: Investment Prospect and Other Events

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, came in India today for a two-day visit. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, opened a new JCB plant in Halol, Vadodara, Gujarat. Embed from Getty Images Other construction equipment, such as a bulldozer (backhoe loader), will be manufactured in this unit. JCB, a British-owned corporation, has opened its sixth unit in India. The plant’s construction cost 650 crores.

British PM visit to the Sabarmati Ashram 

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The British Prime Minister arrived at Sabarmati Ashram and adorned Bapu’s portrait. Following that, the yarn was spun on a spinning wheel. He wrote – in the visitor’s book here – “It is a wonderful honour to be in this exceptional man’s ashram. To comprehend how he influenced people to transform the world for the better via such simple ideals as truth and nonviolence.”

Madeleine Slade aka Miraben, a devotee of Mahatma Gandhi, gave UK PM Boris Johnson the autobiography ‘The Spirits Pilgrimage’ from the Sabarmati Ashram. This is one of two books written by Mahatma Gandhi but were never published. He had received a warm welcome when he arrived in Ahmedabad.

India-UK Investment Projects 

In Gujarat, the British Prime Minister will launch a number of significant joint-trade investment projects. Both India and the United Kingdom are enthusiastic about the Free Trade Agreement. This visit by Johnson is expected to make significant progress in this direction. The United Kingdom wants to increase its annual trade with India to 2.89 lakh crores.

India has decided to invest Rs 5,300 crore in the United Kingdom. India, on the other side, will chair the G-20 conference in 2023. Britain wishes to play a significant role in this gathering. This will be explored as well.

Boris Johnson two day Trip 

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Today the British Prime Minister visited a number of events in Gujarat. Following that, he will fly to Delhi in the evening. On April 22, he will have a summit meeting with Modi. There has been a lot of talk about the ‘New Era Trade Deal’ ahead of the British Prime Minister’s visit to India (Early Harvest Deal). This pact is distinct from the free trade agreement.

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