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Bucha Massacre: A Horrific Chapter in Russia Ukraine War

40-year-old Ajatbek Omurbekov, Commander of the Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade  is the name of the perpetrator responsible for Bucha massacre. Bucha has become a cemetery of 400 Ukrainians. Ajatbek, a Russian medalist and devout Christian, commanded mass rape and slaughter. Said: “Kill all men under the age of 50.” Ajatbek Omurbekov has been dubbed “Butcher of Bucha” by the British newspaper Daily Mail. According to the report, Ajatbek gave relatives only 20 minutes to bury the remains after shooting innocent people.

The Horror of Bucha 

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According to the residents of Bucha, when Russian soldiers arrived, they demanded documents. Civilians would be shot if they perceived even the smallest threat. Many people’s garments were also forced  to remove by Russian soldiers in search of army tattoos.

Russia, on the other hand, has refuted the charges. Russia is claiming that Ukraine is the one who did all this to gain sympathy.

India’s Statement 

At the UN Security Council meeting, India sought an investigation into the Bucha atrocity. TS Tirumurti, India’s UN Ambassador, said the allegations of civilian casualties in the country were “very troubling.” India condemns the Bucha assassinations and backs the request for an independent investigation, he said. During this time, however, he did not use the Russian name.

S. Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister, stated that no problem can be solved by shedding blood and killing innocent people. This issue should be resolved through negotiation between Russia and Ukraine. He stated, “India will be glad if it can mediate this.”

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