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Chandigarh Power Privatisation Protests | Everything you need to know

It was a Black Tuesday for Chandigarh as the city became powerless. Residents and businesses caught in the crossfire between the city’s power department. As they were protesting power privatisation. The administrative structure was desperately trying to manage the crisis.

Exams affected, classes cancelled, industry came to a halt, and hospitals pushed surgeries to the following day.

What’s the issue ? 

Chandigarh Power Privatisation
Portrayal of a protest.

Power brokers in Chandigarh were vehemently opposed to the privatisation of power. They assert that not only will this change of hands result in job losses, but it will also result in a change in the department’s service conditions . There is also concern of higher power tariffs for city residents. While the administration has stated that no employees will be laid off and that all employees will be included in the transfer scheme.  But The power brokers remain sceptical.

The National Coordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE) has also spoken out against the government’s plan to privatise India’s entire power distribution system. The draft electricity (amendment) opposed by 11 non-BJP states and two union territories, they claimed.

How will it Impact even after assurance of a job in the private sector ?

This is a violation of Section 133 of the Electricity Act of 2003.

A transfer scheme that forces existing government employees to work for a private party is a clear case of coercion. Because it is a subpar service condition. According to the Chandigarh administration’s proposed transfer scheme all existing employees would be transferred to a private company. But It would provide inferior service compared to government service. 

What is the situation right now ? 

On Tuesday, the Chandigarh administration prohibited employees of its engineering department (electricity) from calling strikes for the next six months.

The order signed by Chandigarh’s adviser takes immediate effect [ 22nd Feb 2022]

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