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Court to pronounce judgement on Imran Khan Assembly Dissolution today

The Supreme Court will decide at 8 p.m. today on whether the no-confidence motion against the Pakistan government should be dismissed or not and will give order on the legality of dissolution of National Assembly. Meanwhile, in Islamabad, the army and rangers have been deployed. After hearing Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan’s arguments on Thursday, Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandiyal stated, “It is apparent that the Deputy Speaker’s judgement is against the Constitution.”

Imran and Deputy Speaker in Trouble?

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The unique aspect is that attorney general Khalid departed the Supreme Court after listening to Justice Bandial. From this, it is clear that the Supreme Court’s verdict would be harsh on the Deputy Speaker and Imran Khan. The Attorney General had previously stated before a five-judge Supreme Court panel that “things relating to the NSC (National Security Committee) meeting cannot be placed in the court in front of everyone.” He claimed that the motion of no confidence was defeated on March 28.

Opposition Unity; Imran’s “foreign conspiracy” Jibe

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On Wednesday night, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, the leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), stated unequivocally that the alliance will now confront Imran Khan on the streets as well as in the courts. In an interview with a television channel, Rahman stated, “It is apparent that Imran does not believe in the constitution and merely wants to stay in power because the no-confidence vote was rejected and the National Assembly was dissolved.”

Imran Khan on other hand is confident of the court’s decision and blamed the opposition for joining hands with foreign forces and compromising with national security.

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