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Delhi Reports Highest Corona Cases Since February 6, 2022


Corona is rapidly spreading across the country. The growing cases of corona has sparked the attention of both the general public and the government once again. Many states have already issued guidelines on compulsory masks.

Corona Health Bulletin 

According to data issued by the Ministry of Health on Thursday, 3303 cases of corona were reported in the previous 24 hours, with 39 individuals succumbing to the virus. During this time, however, 2,563 individuals were discharged. The number of active patients in the country has also risen to 16,980, a warning sign for the future. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 5,23,693 people have succumbed to the virus .

Increase in daily corona cases ; Delhi reports 40 percent of new cases

According to the data given on Wednesday 2,927 instances were confirmed, with 32 people succumbing to the virus. At the same time, the fact that 40 percent of new cases are coming from Delhi, is a worrying trend.

In the previous 24 hours, 1,367 new instances of corona have been reported in the country’s capital, Delhi. Simultaneously, the number of active patients has risen to almost 4800. The 1,367 cases reported on Thursday is the highest since February 6.

Kerala makes mandatory to wear mask ; Strict punishment for violators in Delhi

Coronavirus, mask

Due to the growing COVID concern across the state and country, Kerala has made wearing masks essential in public places/workspaces and travel. Those who violate the order will face severe consequences, according to the Disaster Management Department’s order.

Similarly on April 22, the Delhi administration reintroduced the mask regulation. The government made the wearing of masks in public areas mandatory, with a fine of Rs 500 imposed for any violation.

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