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Election may soon be held in Jammu and Kashmir: Delimitation Commission Report

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In Jammu & Kashmir, the assembly seat delimitation work has been concluded. On Thursday, the Delimitation Commission met and signed the final report. It offers information on the number and size of constituencies.

5 Lok sabha seats in Jammu and Kashmir ; 2 seats reserved for Kashmiri pandits 

The Election Commission will begin the process of creating the voter list after receiving authorisation from the Central Government. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Delimitation Commission, two Lok Sabha seats would be in each division of Jammu and Kashmir, and one seat would be in the shared region of both. That is, half of the region will be in Jammu division while the other half will be in Kashmir Valley. Aside from that, two seats have been designated for Kashmiri Pandits.

The Commission proposes increasing the number of Union Territory seats from 83 to 90. In addition, 9 seats have been proposed for Scheduled Tribes for the first time. Jammu will have 43 seats, whereas Kashmir will have 47. Previously, 37 of the 83 seats were in Jammu and 46 in Kashmir.

Delimitation Commission members 

The panel is chaired by Justice (Retd) Ranjana Desai and includes ex-officio members Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra and State Election Commissioner of Jammu & Kashmir. On February 4, the Delimitation Commission presented its interim report to the associate members. The commission was given a two-month extension to complete the work in February 2022. Otherwise, the commission’s deadline had passed on March 6th.

Elections may be held in October- November

There is a chance that elections will be held in October-November after Delimitation Commission’s submission of report. In February, Home Minister Amit Shah said in an interview that the delimitation process in Jammu and Kashmir would be completed shortly. Assembly elections will be held in six to eight months after that. The election commission will begin preparations for compiling the voter list at the administrative level when the Center approves the commission’s findings.

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