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Everything About Onomatomania | A Disease Naseeruddin Shah is suffering from

Onomatomania, Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah, a Bollywood actor, has confessed that he suffers from onomatomania, a disorder in which a person becomes fixated on certain words or phrases and uses them again.

The experienced actor claimed that his affliction of concentrating over a single phrase prevents him from resting or sleeping. He said this in a YouTube channel called Chalchitra Talks.

What is Onomatomania?

Onomatomania is an action that consists of compulsively repeating the same word or series of syllables over and over again . In one’s mind or aloud, as a psychological tic or habit without conscious awareness.

Symptoms of onomatomania

The primary symptom of onomatomania is a persistent urge to talk about, repeat, or think about particular words. People with onomatomania may constantly have a word in their head and can’t get it out of their minds. For example, they might be triggered by a certain word that reminds them of something else . Like someone’s name  and then they start thinking about names. Another example might be that they’re triggered by something they see while walking down the street (like a brand logo) and start talking or thinking about words associated with that object or brand. People will often try to silence themselves with white noise, but over time these attempts can result in hypersensitivity to sound.

How to Treat and Cure onomatomania

Because onomatomania can be difficult to treat and manage, you should work with a qualified speech-language pathologist. The right professional can help you come up with a treatment plan that suits your needs. At first, treating onomatomania will require frequent visits to your SLP, though you may eventually transition to only having sessions once or twice a month. Your speech-language pathologist might also want to get input from other doctors such as your psychiatrist or doctor. It’s also important to remember that there are no quick fixes for onomatomania .  it will likely take a long time before you notice any real progress in managing symptoms.  You must be diligent about sticking with the treatment plan in order for it to be effective!

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