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Facebook introduces new policy about Fake Group Posts.

In order to reduce the number of fake posts shared among group members, Facebook has brought a new feature for Groups. In this, the group gives an update to the admin to automatically reject those posts. This will work even if a third party fact checkers group flags a post as fake. With this, fake content posted by any users will stop visible to other members. Due to many private groups, the biggest problem on Facebook is often seen that wrong information is spread quickly. Facebook’s groups have been accused of helping to promote misinformation about Covid-19 and any other kind of conspiracy.

Posts with incorrect content will be rejected automatically

The purpose of bringing the Groups feature on Facebook was to provide an online space for users to connect with people who share their hobbies, interests and similar types of work on the social network spread across the world. According to a blog published in a Wired Opinion piece in 2020 by Nina Jankowicz and Cindy Otis, privacy and community are often used by miscreants to spread misinformation and conspiracy.

Administrators of “groups” on major social networks can opt for software that will show information found to be inaccurate by third-party fact-checkers and automatically reject such posts, according to Maria Smith, the Facebook App Community’s vice president

Suspend tool

According to Smith, the platform also updated a “suspend” tool on Wednesday, which will be used to temporarily block administrators from posting, commenting on a group. For groups looking to add new members, Facebook will promote them using email or QR codes.

Why is Facebook introducing this Step? 

Facebook is being used to spread misinformation on topics ranging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the COVID-19 pandemic and elections, putting Facebook under constant pressure and accusing it of spreading false information.

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