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Five Most Amazing Places to visit in Sikkim

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the top five places to visit in Sikkim.

Sikkim, one of the north-eastern Indian states will surely leave you speechless with its beauty and charm. The place, which has been nicknamed as ‘Land of the Gods’ or ‘Land of the Sky-touching Mountains’, has countless things to offer to you, if you visit it once. Here are some of the best places to visit in Sikkim that make it worth going to Sikkim again and again.

1) Tsomgo Lake

Places to visit in Sikkim

Located within Gangtok, Tsomgo Lake is one of Sikkim’s most popular attractions. The views from above aren’t too shabby either—the lake sits between two tall mountain peaks with plenty of greenery surrounding it. If you can’t make it up north, there are many lovely lakes near Jaipur that are worthy of a quick visit. 

2) Nathula Pass

Amazing Places to visit in Sikkim

A dream destination for travellers, Nathula Pass is located 53 km away from main city Gangtok and is a gateway to Tibet. A beautiful place surrounded by some of Sikkim’s most spectacular mountain ranges, Nathula Pass is a very popular tourist attraction. The view from here is absolutely breathtaking and it’s difficult not to get lost in awe. An ideal place for trekking, Nathula Pass provides travellers with multiple opportunities for adventure activities such as paragliding, rock climbing and hiking. It’s also an ideal starting point for sightseeing tours as well as one-day trips out of Gangtok.

3) Kanchenjunga Base Camp

As one of India’s most popular hiking destinations, Kanchenjunga Base Camp has a well-deserved reputation for its scenery. Hike through scenic pastures, steep snow-capped mountains and crisp, icy lakes. Trek into Kanchenjunga National Park and look for wildlife, including brown bears and red pandas. 

4) Pelling

Best Places to visit in Sikkim

A must see when you are in Sikkim, Pelling is a peaceful little town with vast mountain ranges on either side. Many people like to spend their time hiking around or spending quality time with family and friends by visiting nearby monasteries. It is also an ideal place for buying local handicrafts and arts. To get here, you can take a taxi from Gangtok. Here you will have to overnight before catching your flight at the airport. Once here, do not forget to see the beauty of Pelling!

5) Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake is one of those natural gems you will never forget once you see it. It lies in  Sikkim district and can be visited all year round. The lake gets covered by snow during winters and makes for a great place for adventure activities ! So what are you waiting for? If you’re planning a trip to Sikkim then make sure you don’t miss out on seeing Gurudongmar Lake.

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