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Germany Reveals Bucha Genocide Tapes; Russia says it’s Propaganda

The battle between Russia and Ukraine has lasted 43 days now. Meanwhile, Germany has increased  Russia’s troubles, as the country is accused of genocide in Bucha, Ukraine. Germany’s spy agency claims to have intercepted Russian military radio broadcasts through satellite. In which Officers of the Russian army are commanding soldiers to kill civilians in the chat.

Germany has also published this audio, claiming that it could be from Bucha, where hundreds of civilians have been killed. Russia, on the other hand, has dismissed it as propaganda. In addition, Russian officials launched a harsh criticism on the demand for an investigation into the Bucha tragedy. Ukraine, which is under Russian invasion, claims to have killed over 18 thousand Russian soldiers so far in the conflict.

Ukraine’ s 18,000 deaths claim; Russia’s acceptance of Losses 

According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, 18,000 Russian soldiers were killed, but Russia has yet to answer this claim. During an interview, Russian Presidential House spokesman Dmitry Peshkov stated that the conflict has cost us a lot of lives. This statement is indirectly referring to Russia’s acceptance of losses.

The Bucha’s Random Post- Mortem 

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The bodies of those killed in the Bucha, Ukraine, incident are being exhumed. We are removing dead bodies from homes, according to a member of the relief team. One of the victims was shot in the head. Many people’s bodies have also been discovered on the road and in the yard. The death toll has reached such a high level that it has been decided to perform random post-mortems on the bodies.

Facebook claims Russian officials are conducting Cyber Attack

Russian cyber professionals are attempting to hack the social media accounts of journalists and local leaders reporting the Ukraine conflict, according to Facebook. Facebook also claims that “several such examples have reemerged in the last 7 days,” and “we are completely aware of this.”

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