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Good Friday: History, Importance and Remembrance

Today is Good Friday, April 15th 2022. It is the Christian community’s primary day of remembrance. This day is known as Black Day among Christians. Lord Jesus Christ is said to have given up his life on this day. As a result, Christians commemorate the sacrifice of Lord Jesus on Good Friday. Holy Friday, Black Friday, and Great Friday are all names for the same day.

On Good Friday, people visit their local churches to pray. Many people fast in remembrance of Jesus Christ and then eat sweet bread thereafter. Easter is celebrated on Sunday because it is believed that Jesus Christ was revived on the third day following his crucifixion on Friday.

History of Good Friday 

Good Friday, Jerusalem
Present Day Jerusalem

The belief behind Good Friday is that Jesus Christ preached unity, nonviolence, and humanity to the people around two thousand years ago in the Galilee area of Jerusalem. People began to regard him as God at that time. Some people, though, were envious of Jesus Christ. Such individuals were devoted to the spread of religious delusion. 

They complained to Pilate, the Roman ruler who claimed to be the son of God. Jesus Christ was accused of treason and contempt of religion. Jesus Christ was given the death sentence. He was thrashed with a whip and crowned with thorns. Following that, he was nailed to the cross and hanged.

Rituals and Easter Day Belief 

Lord Jesus Christ resurrected again on the third day of Good Friday, i.e. Sunday, and  Christ preached to the people for another 40 days. Easter Sunday commemorates the occasion of Jesus’ resurrection. The last moments of his life are reenacted in the church on Good Friday, and the people are served. It’s a day of remembrance. Decorations are taken down from churches and homes on this day.

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