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Home » Haunted Places of India — Haunted Village Kuldhara

Haunted Places of India — Haunted Village Kuldhara

Kuldhara Village Haunted Story

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the Mysterious and Haunted Places in India: Kuldhara Village.

You must have heard about the Bhangarh Fort horror story of Rajasthan, where people’s souls tremble when they go at night. We will tell you about an even more creepy, deserted and scary village, which is called the cursed village. In this mysterious village (Kuldhara village Rajasthan), one can hear the talk of women, their bangles and anklets, but no one is visible. In this haunted world of spiritual forces, there is that 18th century pain due to which Paliwal Brahmin left the village and no one settled here once again.

Kuldhara Village Background

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In the light of day, everything here seems like a fuzzy story of history. Like a filmmaker has put up a ghost village set for flashback, but the doors of Kuldhara village are closed as the evening approaches. We are talking about Kuldhara village, 18 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Kuldhara village in Rajasthan is known by different names like cursed village, ghost village, haunted village, mysterious village, it is known by many such names.

This village has been deserted for the last two hundred years. This is such a village that became deserted overnight and for centuries people have not been able to understand what was the secret of this village being deserted. There is a strange mystery about the desertion of Kuldhara village. In fact, decades ago, Kuldhara was not a ruin, but 84 nearby villages were inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. But then as Kuldhara got someone’s evil eye, that person was the Diwan of the princely state, Salam Singh. Whose dirty eyes fell on a beautiful girl of the village.

The Story of Desertion — Kuldhara Village Haunted Story

Kuldhara Village, Haunted Village Kuldhara

The gullible and cruel Salam Singh was so mad after that girl that he just wanted to get her somehow. He started pressurizing the Brahmins for this. To such an extent  that when the Diwan, who was in the mood of power, sent a message to the girl’s house that if he did not get the girl till the next full moon, he would attack the village and pick up the girl. A meeting of Paliwal Brahmins held at the Chaupal of Kuldhara village and more than 5000 families took the decision to leave the princely state for their honor. Then Kuldhara became somewhat deserted.

According to historians, the Paliwal Brahmins had buried their wealth, which contained a large amount of gold, silver and diamonds and jewels, under the ground. This is the reason that whoever comes here starts digging from place to place. With the hope that maybe that gold might be in their hands. This village is still found inscribed from place to place.

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