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Holi 2022: History and Importance of the Colorful Festival

Colors have great importance in our country. Color is definitely used on any happy occasion. The history of this color is also very old. By the way, the festival of Holi is also celebrated once a year in our country. It also has a lot of historical importance. Today we will tell you why the festival of Holi is celebrated and will give you every answer related to it.

History of Holi 

Hiranyakashyap was the king of the demons. His brother was a demon, who was killed by Lord Vishnu by taking Varaha avatar. That’s why Hiranyakashyap considered him as his enemy. Hiranyakashyap was married to a woman named Kayadhu, from whom he had a son named Prahlad. When Hiranyakashipu was doing penance for Lord Brahma, at that time the gods attacked his city and established their rule there.

Hiranyakashyap had asked boon from Brahma

After doing penance for many years, Lord Brahma appeared to Hiranyakashyap and asked him to ask for a boon. Then Hiranyakashyap asked for a boon that “I should not die at the hands of man or animal, neither by any weapon, nor in day or night, neither outside nor inside the building, neither in the land nor in the sky . Brahma granted him this boon. On receiving this boon, he became very powerful and he took control of the three worlds.

Prahlad became a devotee of Vishnu

Vishnu, Holi 2022

Hiranyakashyap’s tyranny increased after getting a boon from Brahma. He did many unrighteous acts and got the sages killed. He started forcing people to consider himself as God, but his son Prahlad himself would remain absorbed in devotion to Vishnu. When Hiranyakashyap came to know about this, he persuaded his son to move away from the path of religion, but Prahlad did not agree. In the end, Hiranyakashyap decided to kill his son.

Hiranyakashyap tried to burn his son

Holi 2022

Hiranyakashyap’s sister’s name was Holika. Holika had a boon from Lord Brahma that fire could not burn her. Taking advantage of this, Hiranyakashyap asked Holika to take Prahlad in his lap and sit in the fire so that Prahlad could not run away and he would get burnt in that fire. Holika did the same. But Holika was consumed in the fire and Prahlad survived.

Since then Holika Dahan takes place across the country a day before Holi and Holi is played the next day. It is believed that good triumphs over evil. At the same time, everyone burn their evils in Holika Dahan.

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