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Hong Kong’s Floating Restaurant sinks more than 1000 metres into sea

The South China Sea has sunk 1000 metres of Hong Kong’s renowned floating restaurant. The incident happened close to Hong Kong’s Paracel Island. The main boat of this gigantic restaurant sank due to unfavourable weather. According to reports, no one was hurt in the incident. The restaurant is being attempted to be saved. Rescue and relief efforts are becoming increasingly challenging because the depth where the Jumbo restaurant is underwater at almost 1,000 metres. 

Incident happened when the Jumbo restaurant was shifted to another place after 46 years 

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According to reports, the Jumbo restaurant drowned while being transported by boat to a new location after 46 years. For many years, Hong Kong’s giant restaurant was a popular destination for travellers. It began in 1976. The best food there was regarded as Cantonese. Numerous notables, including Tom Cruise of Hollywood and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, have dined here. It once served as Hong Kong’s top tourist destination.

The Collapse of floating restaurant due to huge losses 

The Chinese restaurant was a well-known landmark in Aberdeen port on the southern tip of Paracel island for more than 40 years. Casino magnate Stanley Ho opened it in 1976. According to the restaurant’s owner, losses have totaled HK$100 million ($12.7 million) since 2013. The annual expenditures of millions of Hong Kong dollars for repairs and upkeep of the restaurant had “become a huge burden for the company and its shareholders”.

CoronaVirus even added more trouble to the already collapsed Floating Restaurant. The business intended to relocate the restaurant outside of the city for upkeep and storage while it searched for new occupants and a more affordable berth. But after this incident it’s tough to regain it and fears of the end of floating restaurants are looming in Hong Kong.

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