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How to get the most out of your morning workout?

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the top five ways to make the most of your morning workout.

You probably already know that working out in the morning gives you more energy, helps you eat better throughout the day, and gets your metabolism going at its highest rate of the day—all of which help you lose weight and get fit faster. But did you know there are some easy things you can do to make sure you stick with your morning workout routine? Here are five ways to make the most of your morning workout.

1) Wake up early

If you’re looking for a guilt-free way to burn calories in an instant, there’s one tip that trumps them all: Waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Sleep is a biological process that’s closely linked with metabolism, so getting less sleep can actually increase your fat storage. To avoid gaining weight during these vulnerable early hours, try getting at least seven hours of shut-eye per night. You can also maximize certain aspects of sleep and minimize others (more on that later). Just know that you’ll need at least eight hours total. Plan accordingly!

2) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is a must if you’re going to push yourself through a tough workout. If your running shoes aren’t up to snuff, try buying new ones. Even if they’re not broken in, there will be an adjustment period that you need to get through, so it’s best to start off with sneakers that will serve you well for several years. Also take care with what you wear: Make sure shirts are tucked in, shorts are just above or at your knees and socks are pulled up. Not only does proper clothing protect against skin problems and rashes, but it also helps avoid embarrassment!

3) Prepare yourself mentally

The worst thing you can do for yourself before a workout is come into it unprepared. If you have negative thoughts about exercise, replace them with positive ones. Think about how great you’ll feel after exercising and how energized you’ll be for your day. Come up with affirmations to say aloud that support your goal of a healthy lifestyle—for example, I will run 10 miles today or My body is strong, lean and fit. You might even want to print out these affirmations so they’re ready in front of you while you work out. For best results, write them down and review them in advance so they feel familiar when it’s time to get going.

4) Workout with a partner or friend

Studies show that people who work out with a partner or friend are more likely to stick with their workouts, which ultimately help them lose weight faster. Plus, you can keep each other motivated! Make sure you’re both on board with how often and when you’ll meet up (you don’t want one person always waiting around for the other). If it’s helpful, write out specific dates and times on a calendar so there’s no confusion. 

5) Walk, don’t drive

The first step in creating a healthy habit is establishing an easy-to-follow routine that doesn’t require a lot of thought. To do that, try walking instead of driving. It takes more effort, but it’s worth it: you’ll save money and energy by trading in your car for two feet. When you walk to work every day, not only will you be healthier overall, but you’ll also improve your relationships with co-workers—and find yourself arriving at work happier and more productive. You might even consider buying a pedometer—that little device that counts steps—to keep track; some people wear them all day long just for fun (you can set daily goals). Small achievements are great motivation!

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