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Indian Journalist Danish Siddiqui wins Pulitzer Award Posthumously

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India has once again dominated in winning Pulitzer Prize award . The Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography has been given to Adnan Abidi, Sana Irshad Mattoo, Amit Dave, and Danish Siddiqui. Danish Siddiqui who took the photographs of the deaths and massive mismanagement during Corona received award posthumously. In July 2021, Danish Siddiqui was killed in Afghanistan by Taliban.

The ‘Breaking News Photography Category’ was won by Marcus Yam of the Los Angeles Times. He had taken images depicting the impact of the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan on people’s lives. Win McNamee, Drew Angerer, Spencer Platt, Samuel Corum, and John Cherry of Getty Images also won a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography. He had captured images relevant to the attack on the US Congress. 

Danish Siddiqui – The Legendary Photograph Journalist who covered major events from Covid Deaths to Hong Kong Protests

For the second time, Danish Siddiqui has won the Pulitzer Prize. While working for Reuters, he had won the Pulitzer Prize for stark images on the Rohingya refugee crisis in 2018. Danish Siddiqui had photographed significant events such as the Afghanistan and Iran conflicts, Hong Kong riots, and the Nepal disaster.

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Danish Siddiqui was covering the war in Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban were capturing Afghanistan. During a conflict between Afghan soldiers and the Taliban, he was assassinated by the terrorists. 

Pulitzer Awards 

Columbia University endorsed a concept in 1912 to divide the Pulitzer Prize into various categories. Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American photojournalist, founded it. In 1917, the Pulitzer Prizes were given out for the first time.

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There are 22 different Pulitzer Prize categories. The winners of 21 of these categories will get a $15,000 cash prize as well as a certificate. Only the winner of the Journalism competition’s Public Service category receives a gold medal.

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