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Indian Women Archery Team Finals of World Cup Stage 3

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The Indian women’s archery team has advanced to the World Cup Stage 3 final match , which will now take place in Paris. The Turkish trio of Gulnaz Koskun, Ejagi Basaran, and Yasmin Angoz were defeated by Deepika Kumari, Ankita Bhagat, and Simranjit Kaur 5-3 in the semifinal match.

India to face Taiwan in Finals; Hopes on repeating gold medal row

Taiwan and India will compete for the gold medal. In this competition last year, the Indian women’s team took home the gold medal. India will look forward to winning the gold medal once again this year and lay a strong base for the Olympics. Sunday [ June 26th] is the day of the championship game.

Tough win for Indian Archery Team against Turkey in Semi Finals after trashing Britain in Quarter Finals 

In the quarterfinals, Britain was against the Indians. Even more effortlessly, India trounced Britain 6-0. The Indian trio prevailed 59-51 in the opening set, 59-51 in the second set, and 58-50 in the third set.

The Indian team defeated Turkey in the first set of their semi-final match 56-51. The Indian team triumphed 57-56 in the second set as well. However, Turkey produced a tremendous comeback and won the third set 55-54, which meant that even if it had been tied, the Indian team would not have advanced to the final. Both teams were deadlocked 55-55 in the fourth set and India went on to win the match 5-3.

Archery World Cup 

Every year, four different cities throughout the world host the four stages of the Archery World Cup. Paris is presently the location of stage-3 matches. In addition to this, the World Cup Finals are held at the end of the year. The archers who do well in the first four stages have a chance in winning the Finals of Archery World Cup.

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