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India’s Stand in Ukrainian Crisis — Cautious Policy from India

In the middle of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging for an “immediate withdrawal of violence” and urging all parties to work together to resume the path of diplomatic talks and discussion.

PM Modi’s talk with Putin 

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  • Putin briefed Modi on recent Ukrainian developments. The Prime Minister demanded an immediate withdrawal of violence and urged all parties to work together to resume to the path of peace efforts and discussion
  • Modi also informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of India’s concerns about the safety of Indian citizens in Ukraine, particularly students, and conveyed that India places the highest priority on their  exit and return to India.

India’s Stand in Ukrainian Crisis 

India has been maintaining a balanced stance from the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine but with pressure mounting from the Western bloc, led by the United States, this is a test for New Delhi to start making a strategic decision — principles and values on one side, practicality and preferences on the other.

India’s statement in Security Council

  • Earlier in the day, India voiced “regret” – a step up from “concern” – but did not condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 
  • “The Security Council had met two days ago and discussed the situation,” India said in an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council. We had called for an immediate de-escalation of tensions and emphasised the importance of sustained and focused diplomacy to address all issues related to the situation.”
  • “We regret that the international community’s calls to give time to recent initiatives undertaken by parties to defuse tensions were not heeded. The situation is on the verge of escalating into a major crisis. We are deeply concerned about the developments”

Cautious policy of India 

India and Russia have had a long-standing relationship dating back seven decades. While the friendship has stalled in some places and shrunken in others, the defence remains its single most powerful pillar. Russia accounts for nearly 60-70 percent of India’s military supplies. New Delhi does not want to endanger the country’s close military ties with Russia. Despite diversifying its new purchases from other countries.

India is also concerned about the Russia-China nexus. Its purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defence system is intended to deter attacks from China and Pakistan. India is also aware that the antagonism between the West and Russia is likely to push Moscow even further toward Beijing.

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