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International Dance Day: History and Significance

Every single day of the year has its own unique significance. So, on 29th April every year, International Dance Day is observed. The goal of commemorating this day is believed to increase enthusiasm for dance education and participation in its events. Every corner of the globe celebrates this day as if it were a carnival. So, let’s take a look at the history of International Dance Day as well as its significance and importance.

History of International Dance Day

The International Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute of UNESCO announced on April 29, 1982, that this day will be celebrated as international dance day and it  will be commemorated as the birthday of the famous dancer Jean-Georges Noverre. Every year since then, this day has been marked with glitz and glamour all across the world. Jean Georges Noverre, a talented ballet dancer from France who authored a book about dance called ‘Letters on the Dance,’ in which she covered all aspects of dance. By reading this, anyone can learn to dance.

Significance of International Dance Day 2022

The intention of International Dance Day is to promote not only the encouragement of all dancers around the world, but also to raise public awareness of all of these dance styles in which world leaders and governments participate. Its goal is to show that dancing is enjoyable both for oneself and for dancing with others.

Celebration on International Dance Day 2022

This year, the International Dance Theater Institute in Paris will host an online celebration. Dance teams from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and the Arab world have been invited this time. It will be an attempt to demonstrate the diversity and beauty of dance around the world as part of this event. On the official website of International Dance Day, you can find all relevant information. Refer to the link below :

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