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Man from jain community killed in pretext of being a Muslim in Madhya Pradesh

In recent years, lynchings by mobs have become more common in Madhya Pradesh. After Seoni, Alirajpur, and now Neemuch. The most recent case is Neemuch, where a video of an old man being thrashed by a group of people has gone viral. A person is beating  and asks what your name is, Mohammed?. Are you a Javra native? Come show your Aadhar card. The body of the beaten-up elderly guy has been recovered by police. This video has since gone viral. In this situation, a case has been filed against the BJP leader.

To know full details of the video refer to the link below :

The Mob – Lynching Case 

The video is from Manasa, according to information from the Police. Bhanwarlal Chattar Jain, 65 years old, is the person who is being killed. He lived in the Ratlam district’s Sarai Tehsil, Javra. He was beaten to death. On Saturday morning, his body was discovered on Mansa Rampura Road. Following this, a video became viral. Bhanwarlal Jain is beaten up in this video, and he is asked, “Are you a Muslim?” Dinesh Kushwaha, husband of former Manasa councillor Bina Kushwaha, is accused of committing this crime.

Police Statement on the incident 

We recovered a dead body on Rampura road, according to TI KL Dangi of the Manasa police station in Neemuch. We enquired about the deceased’s family members. The corpse was handed to the family. The situation is being looked at. The accused is currently on the run. The accused has been charged under sections 302 and 304 of the Indian Penal Code.

To know more about the Police findings and enquiry about this incident refer to the link below :

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