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Mr. Babu Trekker | The Dramatic Rescue

After a marathon effort by the army officials and Kerala officials , a young guy Babu who had been stuck on a hill in Kerala’s Palakkad successfully rescued on 7th February.

R Babu, wearing a T-shirt and shorts,  seen with jubilant army personnel after his rescue. Selfies  taken and the victory sign  flashed by some. Cheered “Thank you very much, Indian Army,” R Babu stated after a successful rescue from the cliff. In this process he also kisses the army members and joins the guys in shouting “Bharat mata ki jai.”

The Rescue Story 

R Babu and two of his friends climbed Malampuzha’s Cheras Hill. Babu enthusiast trekker continued with his trekking after his buddies gave up and made it to the top, but unfortunately he slipped and became stranded between two boulders.

After their friends alerted the officials about this issue Bangalore Parachute Regimental Centre teams  dispatched to the spot. They had a very skilled high altitude warfare squad and a handful of Everest summiteers accessible at the same time. Two  members of Madras Regimental Team  descended 250-foot distance till they reached Mr Babu, in a remarkable, brave decision-making activity, they elected to pull Mr Babu up instead of bringing him downhill. As a result, he was practically carried upward by two members of the  team.

Appreciation from all over India 

The army officials were appreciated all over the internet for their successful rescue operation. The rescue took place even in difficult conditions.

In this example, a human being struck in the hills may fall from the cliff,  with the collapse of stones and boulders. Mr Babu should consider himself very lucky  man for being able to get caught in that place.”said an army official 

The army official also appreciated Kerala CM Pinnarayi Vijayan for his overall support in the rescue operation. After the successful rescue CM tweeted “Worries have been put to rest as the young man trapped in the Cherad hill in Malampuzha has been rescued. The treatment & care needed to regain his health will be provided now. Thanks to the soldiers who led the rescue operation and everyone who provided timely support.”

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