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North Korea Latest Missile Test Fails-March 2022

In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, dictator Kim Jong is once again trying for power. In fact, South Korea’s military said that North Korea’s military fired an unidentified missile on Wednesday, but its launch failed immediately. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean capital, Seoul, said in a statement that North Korea fired an unidentified missile from the Sunan area at around 9:30 a.m. today, but it is believed to have crashed shortly after launch.

Total 10 weapons tested so far this year

North Korea has conducted a total of 10 weapons tests so far this year, of which one has failed. These included seven missiles and two reconnaissance satellites. At the same time, South Korea and America have expressed their displeasure over the swift launch of North Korea. The two countries issued a statement last week saying that most of the missiles fired by North Korea were of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) systems. Such a missile had never been launched before.

America imposes more sanctions on North Korea

The US Treasury has imposed further sanctions on North Korea after two tests conducted as part of an intercontinental ballistic missile test. The Ministry of Finance announced the sanctions of three Russian institutions accused of facilitating it, highlighting the missile test that took place on March 4. These companies are- Apollon, Jill-M and RK Bridges. Two people associated with these companies have also been banned.

Due to these restrictions, these companies will not be able to use their assets in the US. At the same time, South Korea has said that it has received signs of repair of old tunnels at the North Korean nuclear test site. These tunnels were demolished several months before the talks between former US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in 2018.

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