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North Korea warns South Korea for a Nuclear War

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister, Kim Yo Jong, has warned of disaster in South Korea. North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong threatened to drop an atomic bomb if South Korea harmed even an inch of  their land. At a time when Pyongyang is testing super-destructive missiles, the North Korean  made this declaration. North Korea has also just conducted a test of an intercontinental missile capable of striking the United States.

Kim Yo Jong is the sister of ruler Kim Jong Un. She is also the closest ally in matters of defence, and it has been revealed that she is the top person in charge of ties with South Korea. South Korean Defense Minister Soo Wook recently stated that the country now has more effective missiles, prompting Kim Yo Jong’s warning.

Kim Yo Jong’s Response 

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  • ‘If the South Korean army harms even an inch of our land, they would meet a great disaster that they could not have imagined before,’ Kim Yo Jong responded. 
  • She also said “ If  such circumstances develop, and South Korea chooses to engage us in a military battle, our nuclear deterrence force will be forced to carry out its job.” It isn’t merely a threat. This is our answer to South Korea’s possible military action.
  • The South Korean Defense Minister’s comment is a major blunder. North Korea, rejects a war that would destroy the peninsula as a whole but if South Korea tries to damage it we will not keep quiet. Not only that, we don’t even consider South Korea to be our primary adversary.

South Korea – North Korea relationship all time Low 

The two states relationship is at an all time low with these belligerent statements. There are also chances of a war between these two countries if the situation worsens further.To avoid a nuclear threat, both these countries should have peaceful talks to settle the matter. Or else we can witness another war similar to Russia – Ukraine.

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