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Poveglia Island Italy: Everything about the Haunted place

Venice, Italy’s lovely city, is a world-famous tourist attraction. The island of Poveglia, which lies between Venice and Lido, is both beautiful and haunted. It is one of the most haunted places in the world. This location was reportedly utilised as a quarantine centre for patients suffering from bubonic plague in the early twentieth century and then as a mental institution around 1920. Many paranormal shows have been filmed on the island. Due to technicalities, the island is closed to the public, however there are certain tour providers who can help you get around.

Poveglia Island Story

The Haunted history of this island, according to media reports stretches back to the 16th century, when the plague outbreak swept through Italy. On the island of Poveglia, plague patients were housed. The rulers had little control over this epidemic, which was growing at a rapid pace. The kings are alleged to have ordered the burning alive of roughly 1 lakh 60 thousand individuals on this island in order to combat the epidemic.

Poveglia – The Land of Epidemics 

The bodies of every plague patient were either burned or buried on this island. Since then, the locals have believed that the island is cursed and haunted. The souls of people who were slaughtered here are said to wander here. Not only that, but other people claim to have heard odd voices. Following the plague, an outbreak struck the island of Poveglia once more and a disease known as black fever spread massively here. Scientists have yet to understand the secret of the illnesses that continue to spread here.

Nearly 100 families still live in this island but outsiders are prohibited from Entry

Approximately 100 families currently reside here but outsiders are not permitted to visit. It was claimed in 2014 that Italy had offered to sell the island in order to pay off the massive debt. The government had decided to sell the island as well as its four pricey properties. There’s also a 15th-century castle and a historic monastery on this Island. Luigi Brugnaro, an Italian businessman, paid Rs 4 crore for the island.

The “Mental Doctor” of Poveglia Island

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A mental institution was established here in 1920. Locals claim that there was once a mad doctor who subjected his patients to torturous experiments. Many people believe that the doctor was possessed by a phantom. Despite the fact that this hospital was shuttered in the 1960s, no one has visited it ever since. Since the tragedy, the Italian government has prohibited tourists from visiting the island.

History of Poveglia Island 

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The island was first recorded in 421 AC , when the peoples of Padua and Este fled here against the barbarian assaults. The population of the island began to increase in the 9th century, and its importance grew steadily throughout the years until it was administered by a dedicated podesta. In 1379, the Genoese fleet assaulted Venice, and the population of Poveglia were deported to Giudecca. Later some people shifted back to the island.

Poveglia Island Tour 

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As per various reports you can’t visit Poveglia Island as it is forbidden but there are numerous bloggers and paranormal activists who claim to have visited these places and shared their numerous experiences on this place. There is also a private tour facility  were you can visit some selected number of places in this island.

Refer to the link below to know more about it :

Is poveglia island illegal to visit?

Poveglia has long been regarded as one of the world’s most haunted locations. The cursed grounds are said to be haunted by the ghosts of plague victims, war victims, and a murdering asylum doctor. So taking these instances into consideration Italy government has prohibited tourists from visiting the island.

Who owns Poveglia island?

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The abandoned and spooky island of Poveglia, which the Italian government placed up for sale in April 2014 to help pay off its vast public debt, was purchased by Italian businessman Luigi Brugnaro for £400,000. So technically he is the owner of Poveglia Island.

How to get permission to visit poveglia island ?

It is currently illegal to enter the island without express permission from the government and municipality authorities of Italy, yet some ghost hunting teams have been able to acquire entry with special permission on occasion. There have also been rumours that a handful of people had unlawfully entered the island and got caught by the officials. Therefore, some official and special permission is required to visit the island.

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