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Roman Abramovich poisoned during Ukraine Russia Peace Talks

A poison attack on the Russian owner of the famed European football team Chelsea FC has been reported. Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, was suspected of being poisoned while meeting with Ukrainian peace talks earlier this month. According to the Wall Street Journal, Roman Abramovich was poisoned a few weeks ago after a meeting in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. In the middle of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, he was operating as a “peacemaker.”

Unusual reactions in people who participated in Peace Talks

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According to the Daily Mail, Abramovich and two prominent members of the Ukrainian delegation reported odd symptoms following the meeting in Kyiv, such as red eyes, body aches, and flaking of the skin on their face and hands. Three members of the delegation, notably Abramovich, who participated in the peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on March 3 exhibited “signs of chemical weapons poisoning” 

The Alleged Russian Extremists Attack 

After the peace talks later that night, three members of the delegation left the meetings and moved to a Kyiv residence. However, when they woke up the next morning, they all had swelling in their eyes and skin, as well as excruciating pain in their eyes. According to the Wall Street Journal, the suspected poisoning was carried out by fanatics in Moscow who intended to derail peace talks.

Abramovich “Double” Role 

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich is said to be flying his private plane between Moscow, and Kyiv to communicate with Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. Putin, on the other hand, is claimed to have reacted in rage after being handed a note from Ukraine’s president outlining peace terms. In fact, because of their strong ties to Putin, Abramovich is attempting to escape possible sanctions from the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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