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Russian Foreign Minister Warns of Third World War

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Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a war for two months but Russian President Vladimir Putin has not got the success he wanted. The second month of the Ukraine war has seen a lot of changes, but the fighting has remained intense. Even after 60 days, nuclear-armed Russia has not been able to turn the war in its favour.

Not only that, Russia has also suffered a major setback in Ukraine’s northern regions. Even after hard combat, Russia’s offensive in Ukraine’s eastern and southern territories looks to be stagnating. Experts believe that this is why Russia has changed its policy and is now insisting on seizing the territory.

Russia captures Mariupol city after gruesome attack ; No Peace Talks anymore 

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After a devastating assault, the Russian army has taken Mariupol city under its control. According to the Financial Times, Putin has given up hope of reaching an agreement with Ukraine through dialogue. Russian President Vladimir Putin is now attempting to seize as much Ukrainian territory as possible. That is why Turkey has shut down the Russian army’s air access to Syria in order to bring Putin back to the negotiating table.

Russia Captures Kherson city after two months 

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Russian troops have taken control of the Kherson city council two months after the Ukrainian war began. In a social media post, City Mayor Igor Kolyakhev said: “On Monday night, armed individuals invaded the Kherson City Council headquarters and seized the keys.”

Russia Foreign Minister warns of Third World War 

The genuine threat of nuclear war, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, still exists. He informed state media that if the Third World War breaks out, nuclear weapons will be used, and it will be devastating.

Ukraine President Zelensky claims to have liberated 931 settlements from Russia 

The Ukrainian army has liberated 931 settlements from the Russian army, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. We are nearing the day when we will be able to free all of our land from Russian soldiers. At the same time, the governor of Kharkiv claims that the Russian attack killed four persons and injured nine more.

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