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Saudi Arabia Imposes Travel Restrictions on citizens due to rising corona cases

Even though the number of instances of corona virus infection in India appears to be static, the situation in many other countries is worrying.  Covid-19 cases have started to rise again in Saudi Arabia. In light of this, the Saudi government has imposed travel restrictions on its citizens to 16 nations, including India.

Large number of Indians work in Saudi Arabia. This travel prohibition may aggravate their predicament.

Saudi Citizens are prohibited from Entry in 16 countries

Apart from India, Republic of Congo, Libya, Indonesia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus are included in the list of countries where Saudi citizens are prohibited from entry.

Exemptions to travel if these conditions are followed :

  • Covid-19 vaccination taken in three doses, with the third dosage given three months following the second dose. 
  • Exemptions for those who have acquired a vaccine waiver on medical grounds, according to the Tawakkalna application status. 
  • Those aged under 12- 16 years should  receive two vaccination doses.
  • Saudis who want to travel to non-Arab nations should have validity of passport longer than six months. Passports for persons travelling within Arab countries should have a validity of more than three months

Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry Statement on Monkey Pox amidst Covid – 19 

According to a statement released by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health, no cases of monkeypox have been reported in the nation so far. The Country is taking care of all medical needs amid the spread of Covid – 19. According to Abdullah Asiri, deputy health minister for preventive health “ If any cases of monkeypox arises, the government will be prepared to deal with the infection”.

To know more information about Monkey Pox refer to the link below :

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