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Second human case of Avian Flu reported in US after China

A case of H5 N1 avian flu has been confirmed in a person in Colorado, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This individual had direct touch with chickens. He was working on a project that involved killing H5N1-infected birds. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) announced on Thursday that this is the second human case of H5 avian flu linked to a specific group of viruses. This is the first time this has happened in the United States.

CDC Statement; High Alert on Poultry in Colorado 

H5 N1 Avain Flu

According to the CDC, the person may have been exposed to a surface-transmitted pathogen. The case of human infection with H-5, on the other hand, will have no bearing on the health risk assessment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is taking precautions to prevent infection, according to a report by the news agency ANI. The Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado said it was keeping an eye on poultry and individuals who came into contact with avian flu-infected wild birds.

Case History 

A test conducted earlier this week revealed the presence of influenza A (H5) virus in a nasal sample of a person working at an infected poultry farm, according to the CDC. This individual had come into contact with the diseased bird. The infected person is under the age of 40 and has no symptoms.  The infected person has been isolated as well.

First case of avian flu reported in China 

The first human case of avian flu was recently reported in China’s central Henan province. A four-year-old child was confirmed infected after coming into contact with the birds, according to China’s National Health Commission. After developing a fever and other symptoms, the four year old boy was admitted to the hospital. 

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