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South Korea Reports 6 Lakh COVID cases in a single day

Corona instances have resurfaced in a number of Asian nations, raising public worry once more. The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised concerns about this as well. The third wave of corona has finally passed in India, and daily infection cases have dropped to 3000. However, after China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the number of cases in South Korea is fast increasing. More than 6 lakh new cases of corona were discovered in South Korea on Thursday. So far, no country in the world has reported so many instances of corona infection in a single day.

South Korea COVID cases

Many cases of infection have been documented as a result of the large-scale ongoing Covid testing in South Korea, according to Korean officials. On Thursday, there were a total of 6,21,317 corona cases reported in a single day, which was a new high. The Korean government has ordered the identification of high-risk cases and their hospitalisation before their health deteriorates.

Death rate is comparatively low in terms of increase in Cases

Despite a record number of new cases, South Korea is one of the countries with the lowest fatality rate from the virus, which is a source of relief for Corona patients. In general, when the rate of corona infection rises, so does the rate of death, but this has not been the case in South Korea.

Amazing fact of South Korea is that it never imposed a complete lockdown

Let us tell you that there is no lockdown in Korea during the Corona pandemic. South Korean officials have relied heavily on innovative strategies to combat the outbreak. To combat the virus, South Korea deployed early testing and high-tech contact tracing procedures. More than 8 million cases have been registered here since the beginning of the year 2020.

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