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The Deoghar Ropeway Accident: 46 People saved after 45 Hours

The rescue operation at Trikut Parvat in Deoghar, Jharkhand, was concluded 45 hours after the ropeway mishap. Forty six people have been saved out of  48 individuals trapped in the ropeway’s trolleys. The catastrophe claimed the lives of four people and injured more than a dozen individuals . On the second day of the rescue, a woman fell from the trolley. She passed away. A young man died on Monday as well after falling while boarding a helicopter.

The operation lasted 7 hours on Tuesday. By helicopter Air Force and ITBP soldiers reached a height of 2500 feet and rescued 15 people trapped in three ropeway trolleys. This was the most difficult rescue due to the high altitude and heavy wind. During the rescue, a jawan suffered a leg injury.

The dramatic Rescue on Monday; One Died after falling from Helicopter 

The Army, Air Force, ITBP, and NDRF teams conducted a 12-hour rescue mission the day before on Monday. With the help of three helicopters and ropes, 33 individuals were rescued. During the rescue, a person died after his safety belt mishaps. Due to darkness and fog, the operation was cancelled late at night.

Rescue operation concluded; Jharkhand CM Praises Army officials 

‘The rescue mission has been accomplished,’ stated Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren after the operation was concluded. Unfortunately, some people were killed in the disaster. He also stated “ I salute the Airforce, Army, NDRF, and ITBP jawans and administration for risking their life to help others. After completing a high-level investigation into the problem, strict action will be taken against the perpetrators, and a decision will be made to assist the victims”

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