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Top 10 Best Rum in India 2022

If you are looking for a wide variety of the Best Rum in India, look no further than this list! Since India is such a large country and each region produces their unique type of alcoholic beverages, it can be difficult to choose the best Rum without trying them all first hand. Still, you don’t have to drink all of these to see which ones are the Best Rum in India — just reading this top 10 list will be enough to get you started on your journey to find the perfect bottle!

1. Royal Stag

The Best Rum in India which is not even a rum.

Best Rum in India
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Royal Stag is a popular rum, apparently, a rum or whisky, whatever you call in parlance . It is one of the Best Rum in India. Also, it has become a brand name in India, with headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established in 1995 and is currently one of the most popular brands. Although the company produces other spirits such as whiskey and vodka, Rum remains its best-selling product due to its rich flavour that appeals to drinkers of all ages and areas. It is also sold at a reasonable price, making it accessible to the majority of the Indian populace.

You can see many posters on Liquor shops having banners of Royal Stag. So Royal Stag remains the top rums in India, considering its access to middle-class Rum enthusiasts.

2. McDowell’s No. 1 Rum

One of the Best Rum in India that recently gained even more popularity with the introduction of pocket sized bottles.

Best Rum in India
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In India, McDowell is a well-known brand that has been there since 1968. It is one of the Best Rum in India, and it produces high-quality Rum at reasonable costs. Its recent introduction of smaller bottles has increased its popularity among people across the country because they can conveniently transport and consume the booze on the move. The company also sells other beverages like wine, whiskey, and vodka, but Rum is their best-selling product since it is smoother and has a rich flavour that appeals to drinkers worldwide.

Mc Dowell’s Speciality is the small bottles that many alcohol enthusiasts prefer. The MC Dowell has become a brand for the last few decades and continues to attract the middle class and elite classes.

3. Old Monk Rum 

Best Rum in India

Old Monk Rum is a vatted Indian black rum first released in 1954. It’s a black rum with vanilla flavour and a 42.8 percent alcohol level. It is made in the Uttar Pradesh city of Ghaziabad. It is considered one of the Best Rum in India. There is no major promotion of Old Monk, but its popularity is based on word of mouth and the loyalty of its taste. This specialty makes it even more unique than MC Dowell and Royal Stag.

As the unique name suggests, Old Monk Rum has been a great success. From Uttar Pradesh to the rest of the country, it has become a brand. Old Monk Rum is available at different rates. Depending on your financial capacity, you can choose the different variants available.

4. Bacardi 

Best Rum in India

Bacardi is known for its variety of premium flavours and outstanding taste. This Rum has strong notes of vanilla and caramel, with a hint of licorice and oak undertones. You can drink it straight up or on ice, but it also mixes well with other cocktails, including Mojitos, Pina Coladas etc. Barcardi origins are from Cuba but have quickly expanded their Market in India with their best flavour. Many consider Bacardi as one of the Best Rum in India.

Bacardi specialty is its rich flavours that entice every alcohol enthusiast. The reason for its fondness for India is remarkable. Bacardi is available at reasonable prices; also, they have some classic variety at high rates. You can purchase it depending on your financial capacity.

5. Appleton Rum 

Best Rum in India
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The Appleton Estate rums are handcrafted from freshly pressed sugar cane juice, which is triple distilled for exceptional smoothness. Appleton Rum is charred in oak barrels giving it an elegant, complex flavour profile and signature amber colour. Perfect for sipping straight or mixed with your favourite mixers. It pairs well with citrus fruits like grapefruit or orange juice but can also be combined with sparkling wine. The main headquarter of Appleton Rum is in Jamaica but quickly expanded their customers in India. It is currently one of the top choices as Best Rum in India.

The main specialty of Appleton Rum is its exceptional smoothness in flavours. The flavours are one of the reasons why the Appleton is receiving great praise. Appleton is available at all rates depending on the customer’s purchase capability. You can purchase this Rum, depending on your financial strengths.

6. El Dorado 

One of the best rum in India made from special Demerara sugar extracted from Demerara rubber in Guyana.

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El Dorado’s best-selling products are rums made from molasses and sugar cane. This blend gives El Dorado Rums a sweeter taste that goes well with tropical juices. A good choice for those who prefer a fruity or sweet drink. The flavours are smooth, mellow, and have undertones of vanilla and cinnamon, making it a good complement to Coladas and fruit-flavoured drinks. Another specialty is its preparation from Demerara sugar on the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana. Because it is matured with utmost care and perfection, this rum brand is one of the Best Rum in India.

The attraction of El Dorado is its main smoothness which is appealing to all masses. The customer expansion of this brand is incredible not only in India but all around the world. You can purchase it as per your financial capacity, but majorly the prices of this brand are high to choose accordingly.

7. Captain Morgan 

The Best Rum in India for low budget customers.

Best Rum in India
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This is one of India’s top rum brands, with flavours of vanilla, brown sugar, fragrant spices, and a faint hint of cedar, giving it a wholesome flavour that satisfies your taste buds. Captain Morgan is one of the most well-known and one of the Best Rum in India, having been around for many years.

It is sold at low costs across India, appealing to all drinkers who want to try new things without spending a lot of money on a high-quality drink. This Rum can be mixed with cola or any other soft drink to make a fantastic cocktail. The unique factor of Morgan is its accessibility to all customers irrespective of prices, which makes it a cool brand.

8. Malibu

Best Rum in India
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Malibu’s Coconut Flavored Liquor is one of the Best Rum in India and the world, and it’s very delicious. It’s like a tropical vacation in a bottle, with hints of vanilla custard and tropical fresh coconut flavours. Considering its sweet fruity taste and appealing coconut fragrance, the stuff slides down surprisingly easily in your mouth. It is currently ruling alcohol enthusiasts all around the world.

The main uniqueness of Malibu is its Coconut flavour which is quite unusual even to imagine, but Malibu did its magic. The Rum costs quite high so that you can purchase it depending on your financial capacity.

9. Havana Club

The Best Rum in India with overtones of honey and nuts.

Havana Club is one of India’s best accessible rums in India, and it doesn’t skimp on taste or quality in the least. It’s one of the most well-known light Cuban rums, equally suited to pouring into any rum cocktail, mixing with mixers, or simply a few ice blocks. It has a smooth, creamy flavour with overtones of honey and nuts that distinguishes it from other drinks in its category.

The main uniqueness of Havana Club is its affordable prices and its Overtones of honey and nuts, which makes the brand rank on the top. Currently, it is one of the Best Rum in India. As earlier said about its price, it can satisfy you without spending more bucks. You can chill with Havana club with its exotic tastes and satisfying flavour.

10. Hercules

Best Rum in India for old-age alcohol enthusiasts.

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Hercules is one of India’s most popular rum brands, particularly among the country’s old-age alcohol enthusiasts. Although the brand manufactures white and black rum, the Deluxe 3X dark rum is the most popular. Compared to the other nine rums, it’s a rather smooth black rum with a deep, nuanced flavour. This Hercules Rum is one of the Best Rum in India. And you can also confidently rank it as one of the best in the world. This Rum may also be blended with soft drinks and other spirits such as whiskey and vodka to make excellent cocktails for parties or special events, making it a somewhat highly ranked Rum in the Indian alcohol world.

As mentioned above, this Rum can satisfy all the alcohol lovers in India. If you plan to spend on your Rum economically, it’s the best choice for you. The smooth blend makes you feel very special in every sip. So choose according to your taste and needs.


Here at FactsMinister, we want to clarify that :

“Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health”; 

“Be safe: Don’t drink and drive.”

Drink Within your limit. Overconsumption of any of these Rums can prove poison for your Health.

 Stay Alert and Stay Safe.

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