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Top 15 Best Websites for Mental Health Support

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the top fifteen websites for Mental Health Support.

If you have anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, or any other mental health condition, it can feel isolating because you may feel like no one really understands what you’re going through. If you want to connect with others who are struggling and looking for help, check out these 15 websites for mental health support and resources specifically geared toward your needs. Maybe you’ll find the community you need right here! 

Websites for mental health support
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The Psychologist Today website is an open forum for anything mental health related. It’s been around  and has countless experts weighing in on topics from anxiety disorders to eating disorders, relationship problems, substance abuse and suicide prevention. The site has a section specifically for young adults and teenagers coping with mental health issues, which includes social networking components such as blogs from individuals struggling with mental illness and support groups for people going through similar situations. Many of these are run by psychologists or psychiatrists who also provide valuable advice about getting help for your particular situation. Psychology Today offers a wealth of information on their site, which can be overwhelming at times given all of their expert contributors. 

Best websites for mental health support
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This information-packed health site tackles a huge variety of mental health topics. From addiction and eating disorders to sleep and smoking, there’s something for everyone. And all of it is broken down into easily digestible, bite-sized pieces. Make sure you don’t miss their depression symptoms checklist , a valuable resource for both clinicians and patients alike. The printable workbook is a fun way to track your progress while learning about depression.  This particular website includes an impressive overview that gives readers everything they need to know about anxiety disorder signs, symptoms, causes and treatments—including natural remedies you may not have thought about before! 

Best Websites for Mental health support
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If you’ve spent a substantial amount of time and energy learning how to cope with mental health concerns, it’s likely that you have been exposed to cognitive behavioral therapy.  This particular website aims to help remove some of that intimidation factor by presenting cognitive behavioral therapy in a simple way—i.e., in short, easy-to-digest pieces. It also provides plenty of information about what CBT is and how it can be used to effectively manage mental health challenges. is a more cost-effective and convenient way of receiving mental health care. It gives you access to a licensed therapist anytime, anywhere, while your conversations are completely confidential. If you’re looking for help dealing with mental health conditions, it may be time to consider Whatever you choose, make sure it is tailored to your individual needs – whether that means in-person counseling or online therapy. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety differently; knowing what is right for you will help lead you toward health and happiness. Having trouble deciding which treatment option is best? There are many different therapies out there that can assist people in living happier lives; one of them just might be right for you!  is a community of millions of licensed psychologists, mental health professionals, educators, consultants and students who share their real-life stories, answer one another’s questions and provide support to one another. It provides many articles about life challenges. The site also includes forums for mental health discussions and chat rooms. This helps people by giving them positive feedback from others in similar situations. Readers can learn about different treatments for mental health issues through various articles written by psychologists and psychiatrists. They can also join an online discussion about specific conditions or symptoms they are experiencing. The extensive archive is easily searchable by topic or keyword, allowing readers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Top websites for mental health support

This website is an online encyclopedia for all things health. In addition to having a huge database of information about specific health issues, it also has a section for mental health. If you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to managing your mental well-being, start here and take advantage of their easy-to-read (and understand) content. 

a site that specializes in anything mental health related. A wide variety of articles, news stories, videos and blogs on all types of mental health issues from anxiety to bipolar disorder and everything in between. All their information is free and updated daily. An online support community for people suffering from different mental illnesses or just wanting to learn more about them can be found as well as a database of resources, tools and articles that cover everything under every sun. Whatever your mind finds you thinking, there’s something on PsychCentral for you! 

A mainstream website aimed at young adults. It offers a great mental health advice section for readers, including a Q&A forum for asking all those burning questions about what does and doesn’t qualify as normal behavior. For example, if you think you might be experiencing a panic attack, it’s important to know that everyone feels anxious from time to time—and there’s no such thing as an anxiety disorder diagnosis without very specific symptoms (phobias, panic attacks multiple times per week for more than six months, etc.). Knowing when normal fears are crossing into disordered territory is good information even before considering making an appointment with a mental health professional. 

Best websites for mental health support
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This website helps teens, young adults and parents gain insight into a variety of mental health topics. The site offers information on anxiety, depression, eating disorders, stress and more. It also provides tools and resources that can help cope with common issues such as bullying or abuse. There is even a section dedicated to new students attending college who may be feeling overwhelmed by their first year experience. 

TherapyNotes is a place where you can store your therapy notes online, which may be of benefit if you see multiple therapists. Although therapy notes aren’t necessarily personal records or even confidential, they could fall into the wrong hands in some cases and it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. On TherapyNotes, you have full control over who can access them and when – something that isn’t always possible at a physical therapist’s office. In addition, therapists must adhere to  requirements for confidentiality. 

This website is set up like a therapist’s office. Clients and therapists can send messages, make appointments and discuss their past sessions in order to keep a holistic view of what happened in treatment. On top of that, there are more than 1,000 therapy topics listed if you know exactly what you want to talk about. It’s important to remember that not all therapy has to happen in person! Technology has changed that. 

Websites for mental health support
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CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) provides a safe space for men to talk about any issues that are affecting their mental health. The website, social media channels and helpline are an invaluable resource for those looking for help and guidance. CALM’s online forums allow men of all ages, backgrounds and locations who may be suffering in silence to get some vital support and advice. There is no pressure, as every member is free to share as much or as little information about themselves as they wish. The forums also provide a platform for you-and everyone else on them-to offer support where it’s needed most. It is crucial that any man affected by his own or another’s mental health issues knows there is somewhere he can turn when he needs help. 

Best websites for mental health support
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Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that looks at all factors which contribute positively to happiness and well-being. It’s often referred to as the science of happiness or positive psychology, though both terms could cause confusion, because they are also used by other disciplines, such as positive criminology. Positive psychology applies empirical evidence from psychological research and practice. Its focus is on building strength rather than simply overcoming weakness . is a science-based online resource with courses, techniques, tools, and advice to help you put it into practice every day. 

On, you can find mental health information and advice, plus forums where you can ask questions as well. One of its features is a directory of mental health services in your area. This isn’t a directory of GPs, rather specific mental health services that might be more suited for your needs (depending on what you need). These can include support groups for people with certain conditions or problems, such as weight management for those suffering from eating disorders. There’s also an online shop where you can buy books and DVDs from authors and experts in different areas of mental health. 

This site is a community for people experiencing mental health concerns, their family members and friends.Their website features articles and blogs from experts in mental health care, first-person stories from those who have dealt with mental illness firsthand and more. This site is run by a non-profit organization that advocates for public policies regarding issues relating to mental health.

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