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Top 5 Amusement parks in India – The Definitive Guide 2022

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the top five amusement parks in India.

Finding amusement parks in India isn’t too difficult, but picking the right one can be tricky, especially if you haven’t visited many before. This guide to the top 5 amusement parks in India will help you decide which park to visit and which rides to try on your next trip to the area!

1) Imagica Adlabs, Lonavala

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If you are planning to visit Lonavala anytime soon, then a trip to a place like Imagica Adlabs will not just be unforgettable but also highly entertaining. It has everything to offer you from  3D animations to flying chairs and kiddie rides, it makes for an ideal family outing. People from all age groups can enjoy themselves at Imagica Adlabs and should have a definite place of visit by people with kids as well. It is one of those places that everyone likes.

2) The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram

Top 5 best amusement parks in India
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This multi-themed amusement park on Delhi’s outskirts is one of India’s biggest, with a variety of thrilling rides. You can also enjoy zorbing and mini golf here, while there are plenty of facilities for dining as well. And that’s not all: you can also visit a virtual aquarium, experience an escape room or even learn new skills at a workshop. Kids will love it too: there are dedicated areas for younger visitors to have fun too. In total, there are more than 25 attractions here for you to choose from (including three roller coasters), so get ready to enjoy a fun day out!

To know more about The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram refer to the link below :

3) Wonderla Water Park, Bengaluru

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Wonderla is easily one of Bengaluru’s most popular weekend destinations. That’s due to a number of factors, but the most important among them is that it has some of the best water rides, games and facilities for kids anywhere in South India. Indeed, it even serves as a hit destination during summer vacations and school holidays. And with its new theme park launching very soon, Wonderla will get more interesting!

4) Essel World, Mumbai

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This is a great amusement park to spend time with family and friends. While there are many rides, a special mention goes to roller coaster rides which are designed keeping safety and thrill of all age groups in mind. For food lovers, there are snacks available at reasonable prices. It has an open space with greenery around that is thrilling for picnics and as such it gives you a fresh airy feeling. Even though it is a common place where kids play during weekends but still, fun can never be less for people of all ages and if you’re looking for something different than usual playgrounds then Essel World should be your first choice.

To know more about Essel World,Mumbai refer to the link below :

5) Nicco Park, West Bengal

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This park is also known as Disney land of west Bengal. It offers rides such as Space Spin, Wave Breaker and many more. It is very popular among kids who want to enjoy quality time with their friends and family. A visit to Nicco Park will leave you wanting for more! Tourists from all over India visit Nicco Park every year to have a quality time enjoying delicious food and rides.

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