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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Chennai

Hey Guys, Welcome to Factsminister. Today we will show you the top five places to visit in Chennai.

While there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Chennai , So to ease your choices  we have made a list of those five places in Chennai you must not miss. If you are planning to visit the city in future, below are the five best places to visit in Chennai.

1) San Thome Basilica

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The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, known as San Thome Basilica is a Catholic basilica located in Santhome Chennai, India. It is one of two patriarchal basilicas on Indian soil (the other being Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese Basilica) and receives a large number of pilgrims. Built by Portuguese explorers and later taken over by British colonists, it attracts people from all walks of life to pray at its altars. With a serene atmosphere that befits its status as an important pilgrimage centre. It offers spiritual respite from hectic daily lives to those who visit it. The cathedral was built by French priests and is home to various artworks donated by devotees over centuries. It is ione of the best places to visit in Chennai.

2) Kapaleeshwarar Temple

Located on Kapaleeshwarar Temple Road, Mylapore is one of India’s oldest and most famous places to visit in Chennai. Constructed in the 7th century CE by a Chola King, it’s dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva  is worshipped as Shiva lingam here and is supreme to be powerful enough to destroy evil. Due to its fame, you can expect huge crowds during festivals such as Mahashivratri. But if you are visiting during off-peak season, it’s a great place for photographers. The original temple  destroyed by Muslim invaders during 14th century CE. However, it was rebuilt during the 17th century CE.

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3) Marina Beach

Located in Chennai’s central district, Mylapore is a popular tourist attraction for its beach and many religious sites. One of Mylapore’s biggest draws is Marina Beach, which attracts visitors looking for cultural and historical landmarks. This beach has long been an attraction for its historic monuments like Kapaleeshwarar Temple and Kalamegha Perumal Temple. The most famous monument here is Gandhi Mandapam, built as a memorial by Mahatma Gandhi on his visits here. As you stroll along Marina Beach, you can also find some of Chennai’s most popular tourist attractions including Kamala Nehru Park, Vivekananda House Museum, MGR Memorial Museum, Pillar Rocks and Mount Road Promenade.

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4) National Art Gallery,Chennai

Located in Egmore, one of Chennai’s oldest neighborhoods, India’s National Art Gallery is a multi-venue contemporary art museum that holds more than 15,000 works. Over 500 works are on permanent display in its five galleries. Two large exhibition halls and three smaller galleries. The National Art Gallery has a comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary art by Indian artists as well as paintings by Western masters like Vincent van Gogh and Marc Chagall. The National Art Gallery also hosts several temporary exhibitions every year. Its sister museum, Cholamandal Artists Village, showcases contemporary artworks by local and international artists. A visit to both places is worthwhile for anyone who wishes to understand and appreciate modern Indian visual arts better.

5) Ripon Building

The Ripon Building is a heritage building located at Mereweather Road in George Town.  Used by various government departments over time. The ornate architecture makes it a must-visit for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike. Also, it is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. However, if you are only interested in visiting it for its beauty, you should know that access to it is restricted. You will have to register first with their security department before going on a guided tour of Ripon Building. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that photography within Ripon Building premises is not allowed.

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