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Top 5 Best Places to visit in the Kanpur

Hey Guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today we will show you the top 5 places to visit in Kanpur.

Kanpur is Uttar Pradesh’s most populous city and one of the country’s major industrial centres. Kanpur, situated on the banks of the Ganges River, was one of the first cities in India to experience the industrial revolution. During the 10th and 13th centuries, the city was governed by the Chandela dynasty. Kanpur was a great industrial and cultural centre that was ruled by a number of different emperors and dynasties. Here are the Top 5 places to visit in Kanpur.

1. Moti Jheel 

Best places to visit in kanpur
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Moti Jheel, in Kanpur’s Benajhabar neighbourhood is a beautiful lake and a popular tourist destination. This lake was built to provide water to the city during the British era. A park and landscaped garden were then constructed to make it more enjoyable for the kids. It is one of the best places to visit in Kanpur.

Moti Jheel offers watercraft activities, as well as a variety of authentic Kanpur street food booths and toys for sale at the entrance and throughout the premises. Moti Jheel, along with Moti Park and Kamala Retreat, is a popular places nearby to experience the beautiful city.

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2. Jain Glass Temple 

Kanpur places to visit
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In Maheshwari Mohal, the Jain Glass Temple is one of the most important temples dedicated to Jainism. The statues of the powerful Lord Mahavir and the remaining 23 Jain Tirthankaras are housed in this gorgeous glass shrine. It is one of the best places to visit in Kanpur for religious tourists. Handcrafted sculptures, beautiful decorations and delicate glass murals emphasise essential facets of Jain history and tradition.

A magnificent garden surrounds the temple, which houses prominent Jain deity idols. This temple is well-known among locals and visitors as a sacred site.

3. Shri Radhakrishna Temple

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JK Temple, also known as Juggilal Kampalapat Temple or Shri Radhakrishna Mandir, is a Hindu temple in Kanpur that is located on Govind Nagar Road near Sarvodaya Nagar. It’s a lovely blend of ancient and contemporary buildings. It is one of the best places to visit in Kanpur for religious tourists. The JK Temple, which was built in 1953 under the direction of the Singhania family is now substantially controlled by the JK Trust.

In the middle of the temple, which is surrounded by lush flora and little lakes lies the idol of the Hindu deity Radha Krishna. The main temple is devoted to Lord Radhakrishna, and the minor shrines are present with images of Laxminarayan, Ardhanarishvara, Namdeshwara, and Hanuman.

4. Bithoor 

Best places to visit in kanpur

The city of Bithoor, a historic town on the banks of the Ganges is located to the north of Kanpur. Every day, thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit this significant spiritual destination. It is one of the best places to visit Kanpur for the spiritual people. Many visitors take holy dips in Brahmavarta and Pathar Ghat, while other sights in Bithur include the Valmiki Ashram, where Sita Devi is said to have stayed during her exile. The recreation of Mount Kailash, where Lord Shiva and Parvati are said to reside, is also one of the primary attractions here.

Some of the best places to visit in Bithoor are :

  • Deepa Malika Stambh
  • Nana Saheb Rao Park
  • Dhruva Teela
  • Brahmavart Ghat
  • Valmiki Ashram
  • Siddhi Dham Ashram

5. Phool Bagh Park

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Phool Bagh is a historical site in Kanpur that is a nature lover’s heaven. Queen Victoria Park was the original name for Phool Bagh. The Gandhi Bhawan is located in this park. It began as a recreation centre for the elderly Europeans living in the old ‘Kavanpore.’ Phool Bagh is now a well-known municipal landmark associated with the First World War.

Phool Bagh is one of Kanpur’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing both locals and tourists. It is one of the best places to visit in Kanpur for Nature lovers. If you’re seeking a nice area to visit with your relatives in Kanpur, this floral garden is a must-see.

To know more about Phool Bagh park refer to the link below :

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