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Top 5 Most Interesting Facts About Mizoram

Hey guys, Welcome to FactsMinister. Today, we will share with you the five most interesting facts about Mizoram.

When people hear the word Mizoram, they think of the fantastic natural beauty of this small state in northeast India. But it turns out that Mizoram has more to offer than just its breathtaking mountains and valleys. Here are five interesting facts about Mizoram state that may surprise you!

1) Mizoram is the second most literate state in India

Interestingly, Mizoram has a literacy rate of 94.48%, which is 2nd in India, after Kerala. With a population of 1,091,156, it has 100% school enrollment (100%). The schools are run by either state or central government and are free for children from 6 to 14 years old. There are also private schools, but they charge tuition fees.

2) Tropic of Cancer passes through this state

One of the few things that make Mizoram stand out from its neighbors is its geographical location. A map shows that the Tropic of Cancer passes through it. This is quite unusual, as most countries have to do with either Tropic of Capricorn or Equator, but not both. Mizoram is one of only two states in India to get these notable geographic distinctions. It is also home to many species of flora and fauna, including endemic species found nowhere else in India.

3) Pukzing Cave – Largest cave of Mizoram carved by a single man

Interesting facts about Mizoram

Pukzing Cave is located in Aizawl; it is an extension of Thuampui. The total length of the cave is 152 meters, making it the most extensive cave of Mizoram carved by a single man. The entrance can accommodate three-wheelers and a few motorbikes. It has been explored to a depth of 40 feet only by one person.

To know more about this cave, refer to the link below :

4) Maximum portion of Mizoram is covered with forest

Interesting facts about Mizoram

One of the exciting facts about Mizoram is that it has a large forest cover, one of its significant assets. The area covered by forest in Mizoram state is 68.66% which is 1,105 Sq Km. That makes it the 1st state in India with most of its area covered by forest.

5) Bru Tribes in Mizoram

The Bru people are a prominent indigenous tribe in Mizoram, who inhabit southern and south-western parts of Mizoram. Most Bru people live in Palak, Lunglei, Saitova, and Chhimtuipui districts. Most of them are still primitive. Though they wear clothes these days, they cover their bodies with leaves when hunting. Not until 2005, all Bru tribes were taken into mainstream society. They practice slash-and-burn agriculture.

To know more about the Bru tribe, refer to the link.

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