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Voting in United Nations to expel Russia after the Bucha Massacre

The war between Russia and Ukraine has now lasted 42 days today. The Russian army has launched an invasion on Ukraine’s eastern region. The Russian army stormed and damaged an oil storage in Kharkiv on Wednesday. The damage is presently being examined, according to Ukraine’s deputy prime minister.

United General Assembly Meeting Today; Biden’s “War Crime” jibe 

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Following the attack in Bucha, the United Nations General Assembly has convened a meeting on Thursday. It is possible to vote to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council at this meeting (UNHRC). The United Nations Human Rights Council has 47 members. NATO countries, including the United States, have begun to prepare for it. What happened at Bucha, according to US President Joe Biden, is a war crime.

World-wide condemnation for Russia’s Attack on Bucha

The death of civilians in Bucha has prompted international condemnation of Russia. This, according to France, is a new step in the spread of terror. President Macron of France spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Macron has ordered that the perpetrators of the act be punished to the full extent of the law. The attack was also denounced by India. At the same time, Britain stated that the world is witnessing Russia’s frightening face.

Blood Bath continues in Ukraine 

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Russia has also been accused of genocide in Ukraine’s Bucha city. With Mariupol Mayor, Vadim Boychenko claiming that 5100 civilians have been dead in the city so far, including 210 children. At the same time, a Russian missile attack resulted in the deaths of 50 individuals. All of these 50 individuals were present in this location in order to seek humanitarian assistance but due to the missile attack the blood bath took place.

The Russian army attacked the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, destroying nearly all of the city’s fundamental infrastructure, while only ruins and wreckage remain following the Russian army offensive in Bucha. People are fleeing to safer areas in order to save their lives.

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