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World Food Safety Day: History and Importance

Every year on the 7th of June, World Food Safety Day is commemorated. The purpose of observing this day is to raise awareness about food security among those who suffer from serious illnesses as a result of consuming contaminated food. Many people around the world suffer from many serious health related diseases as the result of low quality of food they consume everyday. So  it becomes necessary to have good quality food. Also, it must be ensured that everyone has access to a plentiful supply of safe and healthy food.

History of World Food Safety Day

This will be the fifth year that the world will observe World Food Safety Day. The United Nations General Assembly declared World Food Safety Day in 2018, and it has been observed every year on June 7th since then. Last year, due to the Corona pandemic, this day was arranged online. It will be celebrated online again this year.

Theme of World Food Safety Day 2022

Every year, a theme is chosen to raise public awareness about food safety. This year’s World Food Safety Day theme is “Safer food, better health,” emphasizing the need for safe and nutritious food in maintaining good  human health.

Importance of World Safety Day

World Food Safety Day 2022

According to the United Nations, around 600 million cases of foodborne illness are reported each year, making contaminated food one of the most significant risks to human health. Diseases caused by unhealthy eating disproportionately afflict the most vulnerable and marginalised members of society, including children, women, and conflict victims.

World Food Safety Day is an opportunity to contribute towards good quality of food and reinforce efforts to ensure that people have access to safe, clean, and nutritious food for their overall well being.

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