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World Music Day: History and Significance

Music Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June. There is no better way to unwind than with music. A person can calm by listening to music. Doctors agree that music is good for our health. According to studies on music, listening to it helps the body and enhances health. In addition, individuals who are experiencing despair and sadness are provided music therapy. The mind and body are both calmed by music.

History of World Music Day

France was the first country to observe World Music Day. In the year 1982, the inaugural World Music Day was observed. Jacques Lang, France’s then-minister of culture, proclaimed the observance of Music Day at that time in light of the nation’s love of music. “Fte la Music” was the name of the day. More than 32 nations participated in the 1982 French celebration of the first International Music Day. During this time, a lot of programmes were put together. Slowly the craze of music reached all over the world and today many countries around the world celebrate Music Day.

Theme of World Music Day 2022 

World Music Day has a unique theme each year. “Music At Intersections” is the focus of Music Day 2022. This theme will be used to coordinate every programme this year. The goal of Music Day is to recognise the contributions made by singers and musicians throughout the world to the realm of music.

Significance of World Music Day 

Experts have said that music is crucial for mental tranquility. People in this busy world fail to receive moments of Joy. This causes a massive pressure on their mental health. A better option for getting rid of the work pressure is relaxation through music. Music can be your best friend, even if you’re alone. The heart can be made joyful by music. So recognition of this day is a major foundation for all music lovers.

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