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Yemen Crisis — Why and How it escalated

Yemeni rebels have launched missile and drone assaults on the United Arab Emirates, killing citizens from Pakistan and India. This move is now signalling a new escalation in one of the world’s longest-running conflicts. The strikes show how a struggle that has raged in the corner of the Arabian Peninsula for more than seven years might erupt into a broader threat. One of the strikes this week targeted an Emirati military base that houses U.S. and British troops. The Yemen crisis is not new as thousands of civilians and fighters have died in Yemen’s conflict, resulting in a years-long humanitarian calamity in the Arab world’s poorest country.

How does the Yemen Crisis Start?

The Crisis started when Iran backed Houthi forces captured Yemen’s capital Sanna and many other Northern parts. During this time an American backed coalition supported the president of Yemen and entered into the war, but what turned out to be a major disaster.

What’s happening Now?

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Recently the Houthis have lost their many captured grounds in Yemen. The Houthis blame the Saudi led alliance for their defeat. Regardless of experiencing severe losses, the Houthis came right outside the city. The coalition moved forward, ground backing to the city’s safeguards. Be that as it may, the tide possibly  changed when Emirati-upheld powers known as the Giants Brigade made a coordinated push in the southern territory of Shabwa this month. They pushed out the Houthis and recovered Shabwa, then, at that point, removed key Houthi supply lines in Marib territory and are  progressing into the region.

This triggered the Yemeni fighters and launched a severe attack against the UAE. U.S. militaries and Saudi Arabia said they blocked two long-range rockets over Abu Dhabi. The radicals said they designated the Al-Dhafra Air Base, which has American and British powers.

Future of Yemen 

Yemen has been experiencing one of the worst humanitarian Crises for the past seven years. There is no government there to protect the citizens. Houthis are using innocent people as a shield to protect themselves. The schools, Colleges and many hospitals have shut down. This is leading to the systematic collapse of the country.

Now the primary responsibility to protect the innocent citizens of Yemenis is through a peaceful resolution. The U.S. and Saudi should work on this proposal rather than creating another crisis. The powerful nations worldwide should now come together and help Yemenis by creating a peaceful place to live.

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